In accordance with government’s driven task to turn all vehicles electric by 2030, electric three wheeler and bicycle creator Gayam Motor Works (GMW) has created swappable lithium-particle batteries for rickshaws which can be supplanted in under a moment. “At the present time we are doing this physically however we have plans to completely robotize the administration,” says Gayam. He propelled GMW with sibling Rahul Gayam and school mate Sri Harsha Bavirisetty. The start-up can decrease the operational expense by one-seventh for clients like BigBasket utilizing GMW’s batteries. “Around 50 percent of the conveyance cost for internet business players is towards the last mile conveyance,” he includes. As a social effect, GMW’s electric bicycles are utilized for police watching as a major aspect of the Nirbhaya Act. It is presently scaling up the battery swapping stations from 1-2 to 2000 and more crosswise over different savvy urban areas to take into account the requests of electric vehicles.

Controlling RISE

Dispatch: 2011 in Hyderabad

Development: 10x recurrent requests

Income: $1m


All out INVESTMENT: $5m from family and companions

NO. OF PATENTS: Multiple IPs in battery configuration, control gadgets, vehicle transmission, vehicle configuration, swapping model for three wheelers.

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